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中文堂現場崇拜已恢復 In-Person Service resumed

現場中文崇拜及直播11:00AM開始, 英文堂尚未開放現場,中文成人主日學9:30AM在Zoom線上。
如果你在崇拜的當天, 身體不舒服或發燒, 請留在家中。在網上和我們一齊敬拜, 謝謝您的合作!
If you plan to attend in-person service. Please fill the webform below and send out for our planning. At the moment the in-person Sunday School is still suspended.
If you do not feel well or have Covid-19 symptoms on the day of Service, please stay at home and worship with us online. Thank you for your cooperation!

現在已登記計畫出席總人數: 12人

Date to attend: 4/18/2021
若此欄是空白,請填上姓名,Please input your name, if it is blank.
Number of people plan to attend.